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February 2012

Turbomachinery Magazine Article

The January - February edition of Turbomachinery Magazine has an article, based on a paper presented at PowerGen Asia 2011 by Ray Gomes, the CEO of ISOPur.  The article is about our documented success at extending oil life and improving operations at a Large US power plant.  The oil at this plant is ten years old and it is cleaner than new oil.  This plant represents only seven turbines of the more than a thousand turbines using BCA technology provided by ISOPur to mitigate varnish, reduce wear and extend oil life.

October 2011

Paper presented at PowerGen Asia 2011

At the 2011 PowerGen Asia exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Isopur presented a paper on the long term results of using BCA technology on GE frame 7 turbines.  Seven turbines in the southeast USA have been running more than 50,000 hours on the original load of lubricating oil.  We believe this is a record for a GE turbine with group 2 lube oil.

The oil chemistry had been followed since 2005 when the first ISOPur machines were installed.  Over that time, varnish levels have fallen to the level of new oil.  Contamination levels are much lower than new oil, and the remaining useful life is averaging 70%, based on RPVOT testing.  This oil may last over fifteen years, and possibly much more. 

March 2010

Maersk Arun Trial for ISOPur agglomerator

Ray Gomes, the CEO of ISOPur traveled between the toe of Italy and Varna Bulgaria aboard the container ship Maersk Arun to test the performance of an agglomerator on an auxiliary diesel generator.  Preliminary results indicate success at removing  carbon from the lubricating oil.

September 2009

Name Changes at Focus Lab Thailand

 Focus Laboratories Ltd Which provides oil testing services to customers in Southeast Asia has officially changed their name to Focuslab Ltd.  Their contact information remains the same.  You can see the press release here.

August 2009

Latest Samples Indicate long Term Success

Recent samples taken at our customer's site in the Southeast USA show that their oil is now as clean, or cleaner than new oil after 8 years of operation!  These samples also offer substantial proof that BCA on its own will solve your varnish problems.
Click the link above to see the results.

July  2009

ISOPur SE Asia

Andy Sitton of ISOPur SE Asia successfully commissioned 6 ATEX certified MRs at the Malaysia LNG Facility in East Malaysia.  You can find more information about the projects commissioned by ISOPur SE Asia here.

June  2009

ISOPur SE Asia

ISOPur SE Asia, operated by Andy Sitton of Focus labs is the new name of the ISOPur representative for all of South East Asia. Andy is well know to lubrication specialists worldwide for his work in varnish testing and mitigation work.  Besides opening a new operation in Thailand, he has become a certified oil analyst for transformers and helicopters, and he is preparing new offices for his company to move to this fall.

June  2009

APTC Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Al Jindan of APTC and Ray Gomes, CEO of ISOPur, conducted a series of seminars for several companies in Saudi Arabia over a 10 day period. These included Saudi Aramco and Saudi Electric in Riyadh and Jubail.  It was a pleasure working with Mohammed and his father, Saad.  They took me to their home and treated me like a member of the family.  Our world needs more people like them.

March  2009

ISOPur Moves to New Larger Offices

ISOPur and its parent company DynaSys International, has move to larger offices in nearby North Stonington, CT

December 2007

The New LR20 Purifier to Replace the LR

The LR20 is the new low range, up to 2 GPM, purifier from ISOPur.  This is the first new machine released by ISOPur since the company was acquired by DynaSys International.

The LR20 features the same intelligent control system as the big machines.  It is based on the Parker Filtration Division CN-40 series of pressure housings.  The Charging and Mixing Unit uses new technology that reduces back pressure while increasing charge density and mixing time. The LR20 is designed for smaller volume hydraulic and lubrication systems.  It's Phosphate Ester compatible and will be available in ATEX and explosion proof versions.  A simplified version with no PLC is available for special applications

July 2006

Astonishing Photos of Balanced Charge Agglomeration in Action

These photos  from Thailand are from a Frame 6 turbine.  They show valve components before and after ISOPur.  There is also a graph of the decreasing oil temperature due to cleaning of the heat exchanger by the ISOPur purified oil, Shell Turbo CC 32.  The cleanup and resulting lower operating temperature are quite spectacular, but the astonishing part is it only took 3 weeks to get this result! 

May 2006

The ISOPur MR can now be purchased directly from General Electric

General Electric has awarded ISOPur a GE catalog number, based on it's ability to purify oil and after an inspection of the quality and construction of the MR.  The MR is now GE Part Number 372A4422P00.  You can order it from ISOPur direct, Your GE representative or from the GE Product Catalog.

Order one today and get the power of purity working for you!

May 2006

ISOPur is alive and well after acquisition by DynaSys International

The reports you heard about the demise of ISOPur were a bit premature! ISOPur Fluid Technologies was acquired by DynaSys International on May 1st.  DynaSys has been building and designing Isopur systems in conjunction with Isopur for the past 3 years.  This was the primary reason for the merger of the two companies. 

 Now, as a single company with DynaSys, it will have the stability of a 15 year old engineering company along with the best technology in the oil industry.

June 2005

Machinery Cleaning with ISOPur's HR-Series Oil Purification System

The HR-Series, ISOPur's largest oil purification system, has recently been released. Utilizing the patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA™) technology, the HR-Series system removes and prevents varnish buildup while ultra-purifying lubricating and hydraulic fluids to unprecedented levels.

November 2004

ISOPur Improves Fluid Filtration While Removing Sludge & Varnish

ISOPur has recently completed development of the Agglomerator fluid conditioning system with on-board, patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA) technology.


October 2004: ISOPur Signs Distribution Agreement with Argo International

June 2004: ISOPur Distributor Reports Success at Kimberly Clark

Oct 2003: SAIPEM's offshore oil platforms in Africa

Sept 2003: Harbin Steam Works (China)

Sept 2003: Vero Beach Power Plant


Purification 101: Hints of oxidation occurring:

  • Foul odor

  • Acid number increases

  • Viscosity increases

  • Oil darker in color


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